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Signal boosts

So apparently this is a thing I'm doing now?

Actually the main reason I wanted to post Siderea's Patreon page here is because reading her descriptions of what each pledge will get you fills me with amusement and joy. Also, I've missed her posts too - she writes group dynamics and psychology and various other things that are harder to pigeonhole, but it's all deeply insightful and I've learnt a lot from contemplation of the thoughts her writing stirs up in me. I intend to fund her as soon as I have a few spare minutes today that I'm not procrastinating from studying for a midterm.

The second signal boost that I promised a friend is for her friend's RPG maker game on Kickstarter, over here. I'm told it has a female protagonist and a canon genderqueer character and is lots of fun even though at the moment it's still in alpha. I probably won't be funding it personally because I already have a stack of games that I'll never play as long as my arm, but if I was in the unusual position of having both spare time and money, a game like this would be right up my alley.