Date: 2007-05-16 02:31 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Well you're talking about linguistics and Orwell, so I felt I could no longer hold my peace, and had to input something.

There already is, or was, a sign-language interpreter machine made. It was part of a thesis by... well, look, someone in America, or somewhere where they have funding for this sort of thing. Could have been UK. Anyway it was on Quantum/Catalyst about 10 years ago so can't be impossible to find. It was designed so that a deaf/dumb person could operate a machine, and it could interpret hundreds of signs in real-time using a system that took a high contrast image of the hand movements and matched it to a known library. I think. Anyway, it would probably be 2^7 times easier to make than a natural language processor.

...the killer though, for natural language processors, is domain. If you picked a nice simple domain, you could do it no problem: e.g. only one dialect, only females/males, only interprets place, only interprets speaker, only separates noise from speech, etc. Oh my god Bayesian filtering ROFLL!@! I believe people would be impressed if you could make one which interpreted speaker, as most processors have trouble telling which person is speaking. Great security/surveillance applications.

Wanky means you're having a wank. You're so excited about how clever you are, you are intellectually masturbating. Wank means masturbate. In England, they use it all the time. Apparently. Of course, if you believe films like Sliding Doors, they also say 'pissing' all the time, which I'm skeptical of. Just thought I'd drop in my 0.02 on that.

Orwell. The thing about Orwell was, that he was not only into politics, and not only a writer (of 1984 no less), he was also: a journalist. Noam Chomsky, for example, was a linguist before he was a political fanatic - but anyone who hasn't studied linguistics usually doesn't know that. Yet his understanding of language and the way people lie no doubt underpinned his interest in politics, and it was the same for Orwell. First and foremost, he was a journalist. He wrote a couple of books about the spanish civil war, and his experiences there, before he wrote the only novel anyone remembers him for. Journalists have rules, and those were his, for excellent newspaper writing. I don't think it was a treatise on English, but probably everything Orwell wrote, was, in his mind, some kind of treatise. So whatever.

So it's Ben btw. And what's this guy you went out with for 3 weeks like a million years ago doing shitting all over your article and handing down knowledge about Orwell and stuff? Well... yeah I just thought I'd say hi :) How's it going and stuff and junk?
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