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This exam being Perception and Cognition.

* If you have brain damage, and especially if you have amnesia, you'll spend your days having neuroscientists performing all kinds of experiments on you. Then again, if you had amnesia it would be a lot less tiresome being prodded by sciencey people all day.

* The consolidation theory of memory states that new memory traces are fragile and can be easily interfered with by subsequent memory formation. Therefore, the best thing you can do if you really want to retain a memory is to either go to sleep or get absolutely blind drunk right after you learn, since either way you won't be forming any new memories during the consolidation period. That's right, students now have an excuse to go get drunk after class.

* If you're a psychologist you get to do all kinds of really wacky things in the name of science. Like the context-sensitive memory retrieval experiment, where one group learnt the word lists while scuba diving 20 metres underwater, and the others learnt in a regular classroom. Also by this theory, my own recall will be best if I do the exam either a) sitting on a moving bus, or b) playing a ps2 game (I was listening to lecture recordings)

* "superior colliculus" sounds funny when pronounced with a foreign (read: non-English) accent. On the plus side, it's not a word I'm likely to forget in the exam. Apparently it does multi-sensory integration and directs attention to new information and stuff.
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First off: The Racial Slur Database! Amusing AND educational


A short excerpt: "Nigger mortis Blacks Like rigour mortis, except you're just too lazy to move"

A quote from one of the chapters of Darwin's Watch:

"Introns are txt messages in the mobile phone of life"

If [personal profile] seirenes is reading this she will appreciate I think

I wrote a whole lot more here but livejournal sucks and managed to lose most of my text :(

So anyway, I had a bizarre dream that I can't be bothered explaining in full anymore. Suffice to say it combined the themes of my birthday, people from high school, work, moving out, annoying roommates, work and military/conspiracy things

I've decided not to move out with overly-talkative-girl-from-work, for reasons including but by no means limited to her being overly talkative. However kudos to her for making me seriously consider moving out rather than just mentioning it as a pipe dream. I'm now contemplating moving out at the end of the summer holidays.

My Software Project Management exam was two hours of pure waffle, but that's ok because it's the kind of subject where the obvious commonsense answer that's so stupidly obvious it wouldn't occur to you to write it down most of the time is usually the correct one. This is the subject that informs you in all seriousness that project managers need good project management skills. I shit you not, it says that in the textbook.

Speaking of textbooks, I lost mine. And I was more annoyed that I lost two of my really cool bookmarks from Animania that were in it than that I was going to have serious trouble studying for the exam without it.

And now the partaying commences. Party tonight, dinner tomorrow night and then back to work before dawn on Sunday, before the Archery BBQ on Sunday afternoon and back to work for my midnight shift on Monday night. Isn't life grand? ^_^


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