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I love it when I dream about being in computer games. Normally when I have a dream that I can remember it's being thrown into the middle of a scene where people who don't even know eachother in real life are sitting down to have coffee or whatever and stuff happens and none of it's really comprehensible but in the dream it makes perfect sense damnit. And then I wake up and most of it fades within an hour or two because there's really no sense there to hang my memory on.
But when I dream about playing/being part of a computer game it's awesome because my brain seems to have a slightly different mechanism for these dreams. The focus is usually less on people and more on events, and as a whole they usually make more sense, as if my subconscious had actually found a plot rather than throwing together a bunch of random associations from my memory. And since it's taking place inside a framework that I'm familiar with and one with logical rules, when I wake up I can spend that hour or two trying to reconstruct the rules for this hypothetical game and considering whether I would enjoy playing said game. Some of them seem as though one day I could get around to making them, although ironically the one time I woke up from a dream about a game so awesome that I found myself disappointed that it didn't exist, I realised that this was one of the few game dreams I'd had where the game would be impossible to make.

Anyway, todays offering from my subconscious featured the following (major features that I remember):
* The atmosphere and levels were reminiscent of Diablo or maybe Quake, with a definite sense of descending into the depths of Hell, and the colours red and black dominating. Each new level was deeper. I can only assume that the aim of the game is to reach the lowest level and take on Satan/Diablo
* Gameplay style was first person shooter. Players split up into teams and compete against other teams in clearing the level.
* Enemies are all flyers
* Weapons are mostly of the heavy variety. I have a distinct memory of some kind of gatling platform thing happening, and a vaguer memory of shotgun.
* New equipment and restocking and stuff happened via vending machines that were scattered around the level. Yes, I know this doesn't make sense when you're descending into the pits of Hell, but I'm just the reporter for this


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