Aug. 8th, 2014

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Here's my conundrum:

I really want somewhere to air some of my opinions. But they're not opinions that I want future employers to be able to find, which rules out FB and Twitter (and to some extent LJ, because I'm told my account is findable relatively easily). But I also want more than a handful of people to be able to read it, which rules out LJ (I love the handful of you who comment, but the chance of getting more commenting readers here is kind of nil. When I went to the asexuality conference all the people I met had tumblrs and hadn't even heard of LJ and I felt old). I also really don't want to join Tumblr because, really guys? another social network that's going to be dead in 5-10 years? with a confusing interface and weird conversation system and virtually no permanence to speak of? , but I also really really do want to join because there are interesting people there who say interesting things and I don't have an appropriate means of following them, which means I waste inordinate amounts of time during the day checking each one manually.

At the moment I'm leaning towards either a new Twitter account, or swallowing my distaste and learning how to use Tumblr. With potential crossposting to here under a friendslock. Is there an obvious thing that I'm missing which would solve all my social network woes?

The opinions are things like "I sympathise with this highly stigmatised group (but I can't talk about my sympathy without potentially attracting extremely extreme reactions)", "here are the circumstances under which I support certain extremely unpopular actions", or "let me discuss specific details about my mental illness and therapy experiences in public". Basically, I want somewhere I can talk about the kinds of things where stating an opinion would potentially attract real world hate mail* or make employers kind of hesitant about me.

* since I'm female, this seems like a doubly-important thing to worry about


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