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 I don't really have any of my own though, having never been a resolution-y sort of person. Still, 2013 has been such an utter shitstorm of a year* for me that I feel like I ought to outline some of the ways in which I intend to make 2014 better:
  • Most important, I'm going to go back to grad school, even if I end up having to stay out for another semester and go back to Australia and jump through stupid timeconsuming expensive bureaucratic hoops sfdgkljdfglksdjfsldkfj oh please let that not happen
  • Grad work will be a 9-7 job**. After that I am not allowed to work, and must do other things like watch tv, play games, and generally enjoy myself and/or catch up on housekeeping
  • I'm going to aim to cook for myself more often than not. Which basically means that 4 out of 7 of both lunches and dinners will not be 'super delicious but expensive food from one of the food carts', 'taking out a piece of bread, spreading nutella on it and calling it dinner', or 'frozen/canned meal I bought from the supermarket'
  • Also on the subject of cooking, I'm going to aim for at least one new (to my cooking skills) dish a week
  • I'm going to stick with HabitRPG (I'd go on, but I already wrote a whole post singing its praises. Suffice to say it works for me)
  • I'll keep up the exercise regimen I started this year and hopefully improve on it
* There's been some good from all the bad, like getting on antidepressants and as a result discovering that my life doesn't have to suck, but that doesn't mean I have to pretend to enjoy the path I took to get there

** Not actually intending to work for 10 hours each day. More that all my work has to be done within work hours, and too bad for me if I have a deadline tomorrow but spent all day looking at pictures of cats. This is my attempt to implement this 'work-like balance' thing I keep hearing about
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