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Well things have been rather hectic lately, but I can now say that I'm 90% moved in to the new place :) However we still don't have Internet (or a phone for that matter..) so instead I'm blogging from uni :p

So now time to cram a few short random entries into one MEGA ENTRY


This was.. interesting.. to watch. On the one hand, the CGI Transformers were everything you could ask for. On the other hand, they didn't get enough screen time, the dialogue between the actors was incredibly stupid, and what the hell was with half the random characters in that movie?

Ranty spoilers )
Anyway, despite all their efforts to ruin an awesome movie I still liked it on the whole. The military scenes were cool, the Transformers themselves were awesome, and I eventually warmed up to the character of Sam Witwicky.


I'm not sure whether this is related to the whole Introverted/Extroverted thing, but it came up while my friend (who's Extroverted) and I were moving stuff between homes and flat. It's about forms of relaxation and internal landscapes.
I prefer to relax by disengaging from the world as much as possible. I'll read books, go on solitary walks while listening to music, and engage in activities where some processing is required but not so much that I can't let my mind wander to completely unrelated areas while doing it. Working in a supermarket and playing a lot of oldskool Sega games are examples of activities that let me do this*. In some ways they're almost a form of meditation. But basically for me relaxation means retreating to the inside of my head and letting my mind do what it likes without active direction from me, or immersing myself in another world entirely but one where I don't have to make any decisions myself, such as a book.
My friend on the other hand prefers to relax by engaging himself in something. He'll play complex computer games, go out with friends, surf half a dozen webpages while listening to a DVD in the background, that sort of thing. It means finding something to occupy himself with, be it other people or tasks that he makes up for himself.
Neither of us could imagine being like the other. For him, my way sounds boring. To me, his way sounds busy.
To add another layer, I'm the one who prefers disengagement and yet it's he who comes across as by far the more laid-back of the two of us.
I don't really have a point with this, I just thought it was really interesting, and I got a lot of insight into how some others think.

* This isn't to say I never play new or thought-requiring games or anything. I guess I enjoy those but I don't always find them relaxing?

Work related stuff

The bad )

As I mentioned previously, working in my current position is something of a Zen experience for me. My job only takes at most half of my available resources, leaving me with plenty of processing to think about all sorts of things. Thoughts such as..
  • Why is it that there are so many different types of toothbrush? If all these special features are so essential then by buying one you'll be missing out on all the other features you're not buying. I guess the best approach would be to buy one of each and alternate their usage, or something
  • There sure is a lot of theft of cosmetics and razors and stuff
  • The "You'll Love Coles" brand features pictures of people enjoying the product with a quote from them. Almost all the pictures look really really gay, and the quotes are nearly equally gay. It really makes me wonder what kind of demographic buys products on the basis of an endorsement from some random person who you don't even know (not to be confused with the completely authoritative endorsements from celebrities who obviously only put their names to decent products. Just sayin')
  • Almost all my coworkers are complete idiots. To the point where I hesitate to ask them to do stuff because half the time they can't follow directions properly. It's a little frustrating.

  • Mr Friendly

    So the other day Alex and I stopped at a crepe place in Bondi Westfield to get breakfast, and there we met Mr Friendly. Mr Friendly is one of those aggressively friendly salespeople, where not only do they feel the need to ask you how you're going and other attempts at small talk, but they'll just keep going and going and going (Oy!). We decided afterwards that Mr Friendly must have been the owner/manager of the place, since no one else would be pushing the friendly factor so hard. I'm really tempted to avoid that place from now on for fear of meeting Mr Friendly again, he was just that scary.

    On a related note, the week or so before we were in the same food court, buying lunch from Oporto, when the guy serving me decides to start a gaming related conversation on the basis that I'm carrying an EB bag and thus indicating that I like games. Once again, pushing the friendly factor just a little too hard for my liking. I prefer my serving people to be polite and taciturn rather than the whole service culture thing from the US.

    Hmm looking at the length of this entry that's probably enough for now. More to come when I can be bothered :p
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It had little to no plot but so much sheer style and fun that I found myself not minding
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So for the last few days my eyes have been a bit sore. I figured I could put this down to not enough sleep. Then on Friday I had a nap of about an hour and woke up with the usual sore eyes and then met up with Alex to go meet people in the city. On the way back from the ATM I think ash or something entered my left eye because I felt *something* and then I was busy going "ow ow ow stupid eye ow" and it was watering like crazy. And then we met up with Ali, Ling Wei and Hein and went inside to see Breach*. My eye behaved itself. Then outside, waiting for Spiderman 3** to start, I made the mistake of touching my left eye again (probably it felt slightly itchy or whatever) and went back to sitting there with my eyes shut while it watered and I waited for the pain to subside, explaining to my friends that no I'm not falling asleep, there's something wrong with my eye, I think it'll be fine as long as I don't touch it.
Anyway, the left eye was fine the next day. The right was still sore though. And it's still quite sore now despite having gotten plenty of sleep. Maybe I should see a doctor? Although I do have a bad habit of ignoring anything my body does that isn't incpacitating, and this does fall under that category.

*It was a damn good movie. Tells the story of how they caught Robert Hannsen, the worst spy in the history of the US. The movie was believable and tense, the acting was very good, and virtually no unnecessary bullshit
** This was a terrible movie. Honestly, I should have just gone home and enjoyed a couple more hours of sleep rather than sit through this piece of crap. Tobey Maguire can't act. The plot and characterisation was terrible. There was overly dramatic soundtrack telling us what we were supposed to be feeling at any moment and pointing out that ZOMG this person is a villain! The Sandman didn't even make sense. Dark Spidey is hilariously bad: The first time he does something *dark* he's walking in an alleyway afterwards and sees himself in a mirror, looking slightly dishevelled but otherwise fine. He stops, and rearranges his hair into the classic emo style, fringe falling over one half of his face. I wanted to do the same so that my eyes were covered and I didn't have the see the rest of this travesty of a movie.


Feb. 27th, 2007 10:44 pm
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Fuck that was a depressing movie. I really, really, hate trainwreck movies. Watching people make bad decisions over and over again just makes me wanna slide down in my seat and avert my eyes.

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Random thought, which has been bouncing around in my head for ages now but I only just felt like expressing it now: When we're kids, we're taught that if we do something wrong, we should say sorry, which means we feel bad about having done the wrong thing and won't do it again. But really, when most people say sorry they're not sorry for what they did, they're sorry that what they did made you angry/upset, or at worst they're sorry that they have to apologise to you. When we say sorry there's always both an element of truth and untruth to it. By the time we say sorry we're always sorry for something but very rarely for what the other person wanted us to be sorry for.

ok, and now onto lighter things. Lately I have been seeing many many movies. Without further ado, a quick review:

Dead or Alive

Let me make one thing clear: If you go into this movie expecting it to be good, or to have anything other than a paper-thin plot, you will be sorely disappointed. If you go in expecting gratuitous shots of mostly naked hot girls and extremely unrealistic physics and plot devices, then this is the movie for you. I had a lot of fun in this one, despite being of the male-loving persuasion and there not being any hot guys in the movie.

Summary: If bad movies make you laugh you should see it

The Devil Wears Prada

I saw this one with Cecile and David and no doubt Cecile, with her costumer's sensibilities, got a lot more from this than I did. But despite my lack of fashion sense I still got hooked on the story of a budding journalist learning how to cope with a dragon lady for a boss. I thought the ending was a bit stupid, but otherwise it was all good.

Summary: Gorgeous clothing and feelgood plot

Step Up

The story of a punk kid who ends up partnering a girl at an elite dance school for her dance composition, and in the process learns that dance is what's important to him. And of course they fall in love too. Channing Tatum is hot as the lead guy, and the dance scenes are excellent. Unlike Centre Stage, this is actually a dance movie, not just a drama that happens to have dancing in it.

Summary: Watch it, and then sign up for a dance class!

Snakes on a (Motherfucking) Plane

I was kinda disappointed by this one actually. I went in expecting to laught at the stupidity of the movie, but found the gratuitous gore and 'ewwww' factor to be a bit much. There were places where I was just plain grossed out rather than laughing at the lack of realism. Overall though it was exactly what I expected it to be. And yes, I'm also sick of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane.

Summary: holy motherfucking snakes, batman!

Thank You for Smoking

I loved every minute of this. The main guy is so cynical, everyone around him (except his son) is equally cynical, and yet they manage to produce this comedy which is hilarious and that simultaneously fails to take a stance on the issue of smoking, leaving it up to us to judge his morality or lack thereof. Interestingly enough, I don't think the movie featured a single scene where anyone was actually smoking.

Summary: Clever and kinda mean funny, but you can't help admiring it


The story of a blind masseur who also just happens to be a master swordsman. Where he goes, violence always inevitably follows, even though he's never the one to start it. I found the plot to be somewhat artsy in places, veering into the silly and/or pointless occasionally. The actual combat scenes felt a bit gratuitous too, with way too much killing and the almost Tarantino-esque fountains of blood. I blame my friend Zhe for hyping this up too much for me, as it's a good movie but not an amazing one.

Summary: Good but weird and random in that way foreign films tend to be

She's the Man

Channing Tatum is hot once again. The rest is just chick flick and rehashing the tired old gender and identity-swapping plot. I've realised that the reason I tend not to like chick flicks is because they inevitably have the train-wreck scene, where the protagonist is set up for maximal awkwardness and embarrassment. I have too much empathy to watch those scenes and do anything but squirm in uncomfortable sympathy for the situation, even though I know that she'll get her happy ending eventually.

Summary: Watch it for Channing Tatum, nothing else is new.


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