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1. Shana Tova! (That's Happy New Year to all you non-Hebrew-knowing folks)

2. What have I been up to all this time you ask? Well.. working mostly. That and assignments and Revue Front of House. I wish I had some coworkers who weren't the Indian equivalent of fobs though. On Thursday I had to train up 2 new guys from Bangladesh, which puts the ratio of Indian males to white females 3:1. And none of the new guys say more than 3 words at a time to me, not that that matters since its so hard to understand what they're saying anyway. My original coworker and I have reached a friendship of sorts, where we can understand eachother 80% of the time and actually talk to eachother every now and then. Here's to hoping I get to the same level with the new guys eventually, or maybe even become friendly with them *gasp*

3.But in between that, I went to Mia's 23rd birthday two weeks ago, where I ate copious amounts of food, failed at Guitar Hero, sang along (badly) to Singstar.. in short, great fun was had. I only knew a few of the people there, the rest were Mia's friends relatives and friends of relatives, but they were a pretty friendly bunch altogether. I also got to marvel at David's GPS on the way home, which is an incredibly cool gadget and reminds me of how much of a nerd I am, drooling over a piece of electronics that speaks to tell you to take the next right turn.

4. I saw CSE Revue on Wednesday, and it was so awesome that I decided it deserves a numbered paragraph all to itself. Things that were awesome about it included the band number, the set, the nerd humour, the glowsticks, and the band number. Did I mention the band number was awesome?

5. Today I decided to finally put my money where my mouth is. In the past I have been heard to express sentiments such as "If I had the money I would buy it instead of downloading or getting it off friends", and so now that I'm Officially Rich* I went to JB Hi Fi today and picked up 3 CDs to start my collection of legitimate music. Yay!

6a. Today I and some others formed a group for Software Project Management. We needed a group name and no one could think of anything clever off the top of their head. So I suggested the name of the piece of music that was playing on loop inside my skull at the time. Our group is now named Stream of Consciousness** :D And as I type this I can still hear it playing right now inside my head.

6b. I think CSE Revue has finally gotten to me, judging by my joke tonight at the dinner table which I like to think was worthy of Alex Mednis***
*TV playing in background*
Mum: Didn't we see the news already? Oh, its just.. Lateline? No, Stateline.
Me: Bah its all so confusing, Lateline, Stateline, Dateline. And when Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was on they had the option of Mateline.

Needless to say, no one laughed.

*Officially Rich: Earning a decent amount of money on a permanent basis, and having a large-ish amount sitting in the bank account... well, a large-ish amount minus $50 after my CD purchases.

** For those not in the know, Stream of Consciousness is the name of the CSE Revue band number. You should get that song. Seriously.

*** CSE Revue member and incorrigible punster. Most of the time I don't know whether to laugh, kill him, or kill myself when I hear one of his puns.


Oct. 4th, 2005 11:29 pm
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had a dream this morning...

revue was still going and i turned up as a techie. Only problem was that for some reason i turned up in all non-blacks, and they wouldn't let me on stage with anything unless i could find some black clothes, so i ran around backstage and into cast dressing rooms and stuff desperately trying to find something i could wear. And for some really weird reason we techies were meant to be on stage for a dance of some kind.. which of course i was missing because i was still running around looking for some black clothing.
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But damn we had a fucking good afterparty

Highlights include ( but not wholly covered by):

* band/VOs winning the boat race by a clean margin. Tech was plain embarrassing so its a good thing i'd already tipped band to win :p
* ardo max and hein getting absolutely smashed
* people like anu and dave vallance getting smashed but slightly less so
* lesbians!
* having other sane (read sober) people around like dave greenaway to talk to until he got shocked by the lesbians and left. damn christians :p
* a smallish group of drinkers staying awake right till then end - and still drinking. I think the group who were going after we had just finished cleaning up were marc, tim, owen, beren, matt e, nick gibson. Then marc piked, and tim and matt E passed out, and nick went somewhere else for a while, leaving owen and beren who after a solid 6 hours or so of drinking were finally starting to show the effects.
* a few surprising couples, and a few spadings which aren't couples.. yet.. but may end up so in the future
* breaking leigh's goatse virginity. Also his tubgirl virginity and his lemonparty virginity :p
* breaking a couple of people's yum cha virginity afterwards: piyush and.. someone else

i feel bad though that we didn't make it to cecile's party. Its a pity she didn't hold it somewhere closer to uni or we might have turned up.

And going home to stay awake till one afterwards doing seng was fun too. I started thinking about how if i could just stay up a bit longer i would have been awake for 48 hours

hmm what else happened to me in hte last 48 hours or so? hmm...

*matt lee got pwned in woot camp. At the part where he goes "what would you do if i had an overlord yada yada yada?" the guy goes "i'd totally pwn you" *stunned silence* "this man is leet! everyone repeat after me!"
*i found out i don't like fear factory very much, everytime one of their songs came on i found myself skipping it halfway through

sin cse

Sep. 24th, 2005 11:29 am
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Tonight is the final show, after which we have an afterparty going until tomorrow morning, followed by possible yum cha and gaming.

What can I say, its been a great ride. Being in revue brings such a sense of belonging and fulfilment. The feeling of working towards something greater than yourself and knowing that part of the reason the show has come off so well is because of you is an unmatched feeling.

I can't wait for next year already :) Although I have no idea what team(s) I'll be joining I know it'll be great.


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