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Session Six: Knowledge Revolution

Bill Gates was the guest curator for this session. By this point everyone at Bondi was also a bit more awake - after each talk, people actually applauded, as opposed to the earlier talks where we sat there quietly and still half-asleep the whole time.
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Yesterday I woke up at 4am to go to the TEDxSydney live broadcast event of TEDxLong Beach. For anyone who's been living under a rock, TED is an organisation whose tagline is "ideas worth spreading". Their basic mode of operation is to get people who have done interesting things or have interesting ideas, and get them to explain it to an audience with the aid of a slideshow. And then they upload high quality recordings of those talks to their website and let people watch them for free. Oh and they also have the TED prize, which involves giving some money and a nifty sculpture to someone who is awesome, who then makes a a wish for that money to be spent towards, and then random people from the audience, who are themselves usually influential, amplify that wish by offering extra money or contacts or whatever.

Anyway, so the TEDxLong Beach event was staged in four sessions throughout the day, with the first starting at 3:30am Sydney time. I did not make it to that session, unsurprisingly. I did however make it to the other three, and thought it might be worthwhile to write my impressions up for those poor friends of mine with jobs who couldn't take the day off to listen to a bunch of people monologuing about how to change the world. I'll be writing up each session in a separate post, partly because my sleep cycle is still shot to hell and I'm ready to fall into a bed at any moment, partly because I'm terrible at finishing long posts, and partly because I saw at least twelve different talks and that's a bit too much information to read in a single sitting. I'll be using this post to put links in to the session posts as I get them done.

Part 1

Part 2

Bonus review of Deb Roy (cognitive neuroscientist, one of the earlier speakers) from Wired


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