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My English teacher from high school was critiquing me and my high school friend on this series of logic/pattern matching puzzles we had each done. She was really happy with my friends' results but mine were 'disappointing' . In my dream I saw one of the puzzles my friend had done (it turns out that my unconscious does not come up with very difficult puzzles, it was a simple word association thing; but in the dream there was no sense of it being easy, only shame that I hadn't been able to do the problems assigned to me) I tried to explain my results partly by the fact that I think I need new glasses and I can't read smallish text well from more than half a metre or so away. Then she made us do more puzzles except this time there was a physical component as well (kind of like those mystery hunt things where you have to reach a location first and only then get the next clue), which took place near my friends' old house, and my friend got there first and I was struggling just to keep up and reach the location where the puzzle was..

I'm going to put this one down to my own desire for exercise and learning python, none of which I've advanced very far these holidays.
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I was extremely tired yesterday afternoon, so I decided to go to bed a few hours early. Which is to say, 4pm early. When I woke up later my clock said 7pm and the sky was very slightly light, so I made what seemed like a reasonable deduction at the time, that I'd been so tired that I'd somehow slept 15 hours without waking up enough to remember sometime in the middle. An hour and a half later after having had breakfast and sitting on the computer checking blogs and so forth I realised that a) I was getting more tired, not less, which is not what usually happens when I sleep for stupidly long periods of time, and b) the sky outside was darker, not lighter than previous. Sure enough, it was actually 7pm, and I went back to bed to try to get the rest of my sleep. I woke up again after another 5 hour block, and then again after that.

But in the last two blocks of sleep my subconscious saw fit to plot out part of a fantasy story. Most of it has already faded but I think I was on the run from people who were killing those close to me and were looking for me too, and my close friend/relation joined me after they nearly caught him too. The place we fled from was pretty much a poverty stricken village or similar, because on the bus into the city (yeh my subconscious decided to be inconsistent in keeping the fantasy setting; also the money was Australian dollars and cents) we had trouble counting the money we'd picked up due to the fact that seeing money was so rare and we didn't know so well which denominations were which. I had some other people helping me too, although I don't remember how I knew them or why they were helping me. There were these spiritual costume things which doubled as tapestries. And right near the end this lord, who happened to be one of the people who was trying to kill us, came to our house and demanded we swear fealty to him, so I wore one of the spirit costume things to be less recognisable and we swore fealty to him so that he would go away without hurting us.

I find this interesting partly because my subconscious is much better at coming up with stuff like this than I am, and that most of the dreams I remember tend to be about fantasy stories and/or gaming. It's almost enough for me to think that if I need to be creative I should spend most of my time lazing around in bed :p
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NB: sorry for the incoherentness of this post, this is really one of the ones that's more for my benefit than yours :) I have lots of ideas for good posts in the future that I haven't written yet, like how intelligence is relative, and teachers aren't appreciated in Australia, and.. I forgot the rest already :(

Well first off, I had another dream about computer games that don't exist (yet..). This one was kinda lemmings style, where you had 4 dudes and you had to get them to the end of the level, only the dudes and everything else were drawn vector style, and the level was an endless loop of some kind.

In other news, Software Construction exam was ok except for my stupid moment of not being able to remember how to use tr properly and I ended up implementing it in Perl using two 26-character hashes..
Had a Microprocessors study session with the Shirefolk yesterday, we ended up spending about 50% of the time arguing about two's complement and IEEE floating point representation, but despite all this we ended up covering a lot of ground (and hey, now we all know how to do two's complement and floating point representation REALLY WELL..)

Spent most of today running around doing stuff for the flat. I also told Alex how I had no desire to spend money on computer games anymore, less than a minute before walking into EB and seeing something I absolutely had to buy.
Spent the rest of today gossiping and procrastinating.

At the Micros study session board games came up briefly and it turns out the Shirefolk are all fans of card and board games. Makes me really want to resurrect the idea of CardBoardSoc, since now I would have a potential base of people interested. I also still really wanna play D&D one day, or failing that do the next best thing, which is running D&D for my friends. Yet another thing to do in my limitless spare time.. right after I finish making my board game projects..and watch all those DVDs I bought.. and play those games.. *sigh*

I can't wait for exams to be over. I'll be moving out and finally having time to pursue some of those things in the above list. And probably a few others I forgot about... it's really sad when you have so many things on your "want to do" list that you can't even remember them all anymore, even though they're all things you're really really really interested in..

New games: Shadow of the Colossus
Megadrive games collection (cmon, it's awesome! It's got Golden Axe and Sonic and Columns and..)
New/resurrected ideas: D&D, vector-lemmings!(needs a better name obviously), board games, CardBoardSoc!!!!!
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I love it when I dream about being in computer games. Normally when I have a dream that I can remember it's being thrown into the middle of a scene where people who don't even know eachother in real life are sitting down to have coffee or whatever and stuff happens and none of it's really comprehensible but in the dream it makes perfect sense damnit. And then I wake up and most of it fades within an hour or two because there's really no sense there to hang my memory on.
But when I dream about playing/being part of a computer game it's awesome because my brain seems to have a slightly different mechanism for these dreams. The focus is usually less on people and more on events, and as a whole they usually make more sense, as if my subconscious had actually found a plot rather than throwing together a bunch of random associations from my memory. And since it's taking place inside a framework that I'm familiar with and one with logical rules, when I wake up I can spend that hour or two trying to reconstruct the rules for this hypothetical game and considering whether I would enjoy playing said game. Some of them seem as though one day I could get around to making them, although ironically the one time I woke up from a dream about a game so awesome that I found myself disappointed that it didn't exist, I realised that this was one of the few game dreams I'd had where the game would be impossible to make.

Anyway, todays offering from my subconscious featured the following (major features that I remember):
* The atmosphere and levels were reminiscent of Diablo or maybe Quake, with a definite sense of descending into the depths of Hell, and the colours red and black dominating. Each new level was deeper. I can only assume that the aim of the game is to reach the lowest level and take on Satan/Diablo
* Gameplay style was first person shooter. Players split up into teams and compete against other teams in clearing the level.
* Enemies are all flyers
* Weapons are mostly of the heavy variety. I have a distinct memory of some kind of gatling platform thing happening, and a vaguer memory of shotgun.
* New equipment and restocking and stuff happened via vending machines that were scattered around the level. Yes, I know this doesn't make sense when you're descending into the pits of Hell, but I'm just the reporter for this
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I think possibly I game too much? At least that's what my subconscious seems to be telling me :P But it's cool how every time I have one of these dreams it's a new game/scenario that I've never seen before.

So this game.. where do I start? You start with a fixed number of points and the aim is to get to your exit in the level with the greatest number of points. Each player has their own exit which they are heading towards. Every time you fall off something, or trip over an obstacle, or something like that, you lose some points. You can see how many points are being deducted because large cartoonish numbers appear over your head every time you gain or lose points.
Now, the game world is mostly like the real world except for one detail: You can change the world using your mind. Kind of like the Dream World in the Wheel of Time series, if you're familiar with that. That is, you can create a steed to ride if you want but it only lasts as long as you can maintain the concentration needed to sustain it. And this is where competition with the other players comes in. You can gain points and make the other player lose points by distracting them. For example, in the dream I was riding a steed or climbing a tree or something like that when my opponent started taunting me, telling me not to imagine the horse/tree/whatever to start disappearing. And so of course, like imagining a pink elephant, the surface beneath my hands immediately started disintegrating. But it lasted just long enough for me to reach the exit anyway, luckily for me. Anyway, every time you successfully do something to disadvantage the other player you gain some points.

That's pretty much all the info my dream gave me. I assume that there are also wild animals wandering around that need to be dealt with in some fashion, and the like. And it's probably Quake deathmatch style, where first person to win X rounds wins overall. Or else you tally the points up over consecutive matches and get an overall winner.
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Hands up here everyone who's had a bizarre dream that made no sense at all.

Now hands up everyone who's ever had a dream about one of their hobbies so strong that upon waking you have an urge to go do whatever it was that was happening in the dream. This happened to me once before, where I dreamt about a game that combined aspects of live roleplaying, auditioning for parts, team building, and computer games. In my dream I knew this game to be so awesome that when I woke up I was intensely disappointed to realise that not only did it not exist, but that it was actually physically impossible for it to exist. And I went around for half that day with this unfulfilled craving to play the game.

Anyway, all this rambling brings me to the dream I had this morning. Bear with me because as usual most of the details have already faded.

Picture the aftermath of a medieval battle. The ground is littered with corpses, already starting to stiffen in death. And then one by one, a number of the corpses get up again. Jerkily. And they look at eachother through damaged features and say "What is this? What's happened to us?"

And this is the opening scene of some kind of computer RPG. The newly raised zombies are the members of your party, and the player gets to choose which ones he wants to resurrect based on what kind of people he wants in his party. I have some vague idea about how in the selection phase you can click on a corpse and the spirit of that person will rise up and tell you a bit about their life and skills.

Now, I have a few ideas of my own about why these people might have had their eternal rest disturbed. But I'm curious to hear what other people might be able to come up with. So, guys? Ideas?

It also occurs to me that this would be a great premise for some kind of DnD campaign if I can ever get enough people organised.
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First off: The Racial Slur Database! Amusing AND educational


A short excerpt: "Nigger mortis Blacks Like rigour mortis, except you're just too lazy to move"

A quote from one of the chapters of Darwin's Watch:

"Introns are txt messages in the mobile phone of life"

If [personal profile] seirenes is reading this she will appreciate I think

I wrote a whole lot more here but livejournal sucks and managed to lose most of my text :(

So anyway, I had a bizarre dream that I can't be bothered explaining in full anymore. Suffice to say it combined the themes of my birthday, people from high school, work, moving out, annoying roommates, work and military/conspiracy things

I've decided not to move out with overly-talkative-girl-from-work, for reasons including but by no means limited to her being overly talkative. However kudos to her for making me seriously consider moving out rather than just mentioning it as a pipe dream. I'm now contemplating moving out at the end of the summer holidays.

My Software Project Management exam was two hours of pure waffle, but that's ok because it's the kind of subject where the obvious commonsense answer that's so stupidly obvious it wouldn't occur to you to write it down most of the time is usually the correct one. This is the subject that informs you in all seriousness that project managers need good project management skills. I shit you not, it says that in the textbook.

Speaking of textbooks, I lost mine. And I was more annoyed that I lost two of my really cool bookmarks from Animania that were in it than that I was going to have serious trouble studying for the exam without it.

And now the partaying commences. Party tonight, dinner tomorrow night and then back to work before dawn on Sunday, before the Archery BBQ on Sunday afternoon and back to work for my midnight shift on Monday night. Isn't life grand? ^_^


Oct. 4th, 2005 11:29 pm
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had a dream this morning...

revue was still going and i turned up as a techie. Only problem was that for some reason i turned up in all non-blacks, and they wouldn't let me on stage with anything unless i could find some black clothes, so i ran around backstage and into cast dressing rooms and stuff desperately trying to find something i could wear. And for some really weird reason we techies were meant to be on stage for a dance of some kind.. which of course i was missing because i was still running around looking for some black clothing.
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i had the weirdest dream this morning. Either i was dreaming about a book i've read before or i was dreaming about a plot for a new book in what for my dreams is astonishing detail (usually my dreams are extremely short on things like plot development and dialogue.. they're more the "i was here and this was happening.. and then i was there and i was worried about X"). This dream even featured a prophecy! :p The more i think about it the more sure i am that it must be some book i've read in the past. Which begs the question of what book since the plot wasn't anything like the ones my usual authors write.


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