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- The store where I work has been sold to another company. The interesting part of this is that the deal includes the staff.. we're not allowed to transfer over to another store in our original chain. A lot of people are outraged by this. Me? I doubt things will change much, since I never saw a shining career path for myself in retail anyway. If anything it's just more incentive to go get a real job.

- Speaking of getting a real job, I have no idea what I want to do. Postgrad/Honours beckons to me as a way to avoid making a choice for a while longer, but even if I want to become an academic I'll eventually have to start applying for programs/positions/etc. As for a real job, nothing really appeals to me at the moment. Tech support is too much stress, programming is either too hard or too monotonous, linguistics jobs don't really exist. I'm due to graduate at the end of the year though so I can't put off some kind of decision for too much longer.

- I have two new flatmates! Well, new to this blog, not new in my life anymore. Two Egyptian guys who are short on English. One of them is also short on brains and common sense, and long on drama-queen-ness. The other one wants to study nursing and is working 7 day weeks to save up for it, so that leaves me with Dramaboy. Coincidentally, Dramaboy managed to fracture his rib right at the start of my holidays, leading to an order from the doctor to stay home from work for the following month. Did I mention that Dramaboy is highly extroverted and has no way to entertain himself most of the time? Needless to say this has not been the most enjoyable or restful holiday I've ever had. I'm seriously considering moving out, either to be by myself as being preferable to being with people I can't stand, or to move in with someone who I'm already friends with and whose close proximity I reckon I could put up with on a long-term basis.

- I came home from work today to discover a card in the mail informing me that my gas was being disconnected due to an overdue account. One worried and pissed-off call later, it turns out that said card belongs to another flat in my building. Phew.

- Enrolled in a workshop/group thingy for social anxiety. I'd say more about it but ironically my anxiety is kind of getting in the way. Possibly more about this later, when I'm not freaked out as much by the idea of deliberately revealing my problems to people, even if it's just over the interweb. Oh and my intake interview established that I'm also depressed, which is not surprising news to me. But since I'm managing it ok on my own the shrink agreed with me that the social anxiety is a better place to start.
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I always find that no matter how busy semester was, in the holidays I end up feeling even busier due to my tendency to shelve all my ideas and promise myself that I'll work on them when I have time, ie during the summer holidays. Here's a small sampling:

Get a flatmate: Done! Last time I posted an ad (in September I think) I got almost no interest, this time I got a flood. And the lucky person is... a Mongolian woman who can barely speak English. The advantages are that she wants to move in asap and is pretty much guaranteed not to bug me, thus letting me get as close as possible to my ideal of living alone-but-not. The disadvantage is that I'm not quite convinced yet that she isn't an illegal immigrant/trying to find a place to stay for free/going to steal my stuff/going to murder me in my bed. Also I won't be able to socialise with her if I feel lonely and none of my friends are available, but that happens infrequently enough to be a non-issue.

Learn to drive: Still haven't started. My learners license expires in February. Realistically I'm going to have a huge amount of trouble getting those 50 hours practice in a month but I feel like I should try.

Program a bus timetabling system: The purpose of this is to a) make something useful, since I want to consult the timetable relatively often when I don't have internet nearby, and b) get practise at programming, since the Arts focus of my degree at the moment means I haven't done much programming for the last year. While linguistics remains my true love, I accept that it does virtually nothing for my employability. Real jobs are going to come from programming, if anywhere.
I'm making progress but it's painful; I'm rusty at programming in general and I've almost completely forgotten the syntax of Python, meaning that I'm constantly stopping to look up really basic stuff.

Finish my current game-in-progress: After my last round of dating I got massively frustrated with all the stupid conventions associated with dating, such as how the guy has to pay or he won't feel macho, and the girl has to let him keep his precious macho pride by letting him pay and make all the decisions and so forth. So I was full of ranty irritation and the idea came to me that conventional dating would be a decent concept for a funny game, not to mention a cathartic way to deal with my feelings about the experience. Since then the irritation has faded so I don't have nearly as much drive to finish it, but one of my main goals in life at the moment is to carry through on some of my ideas instead of starting half a dozen projects and finishing none. This one is already started and so I'm going to try to keep going on it when I can fit it in.

Learn more about the stock market: After the whole financial crisis etc I think a lot of people have this as a goal :) My realistic goal is to feel comfortable enough with the market to be able to make a portfolio of some kind. My ideal goal is to understand it well enough to play the day trading game well enough to make profit, even enough to replace a job.

Other stuff which includes programming a simple netgame my friends and I used to play over MSN, finishing all those PS2 games my friend lent me ages ago, exercising and cooking..
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1. Today I managed to break all my previous stupidity records.

I walked into a wall.

Now in my defense, let me point out that this was at 4am and I'd just turned all the lights off prior to heading out the door when I suddenly remembered that I'd left my mobile upstairs. So I headed to the stairs, only to find that they'd mysteriously moved about 30cm to the left. At this stage I will point out that I am a compulsive stair-jumper. Whether it be up or down, I have a tendency to take stairs at least two at a time, sometimes three if I'm feeling particularly energetic. So I got a faceful of corner at a considerable force, enough to make my glasses fall off and leave me standing in pitch blackness clutching at my face in agony. After realising that nothing was bleeding and that if I didn't get a move on I would miss my bus I felt around on the floor for my glasses and finished heading upstairs, turning on a light in my room to aid me in locating the phone, and then back to pitch blackness and leaving the house.

In related news, I now need a new pair of glasses, as the old pair mysteriously became too crooked for me to sraighten out by brute force, and apparently the frames are too old to be properly fixed without breaking. So for now it's a choice between being half-blind or having a headache from lenses that are at the wrong angle for my eyes, at least until I can have my eyes checked for the first time in many a year and commission a new pair of glasses. Guess which one it is right now?

2. Yesterday I had an inexplicably hungry day. Let's examine my day: eat breakfast, went to work, had a brunch bar after work, went to uni, had a giant vegan burger for lunch, went to stats tute, went to the dumpling and noodle house down the road for another full meal, went to the supermarket in Bondi Junction to buy EVEN MORE FOOD, at which point my hunger mysteriously disappeared and left me with a full shopping bag and no real desire to eat any of the contents (I later went to bed without eating anything more other than an oat fruit slice thingy, so I suspect my calories ended up balancing in the end). But until that point, a typical exchange with a friend would go like this:
me: I'm hungry..
friend: But you just finished eating five minutes ago!
me: I'm hungry..

Perhaps I'm channelling my good buddy Hein, he of the power to eat two meals to everyone else's one. I'm glad it's over, in any case. And on that note, it's now time for my lunch!


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