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The fridge delivery

So there we were on Friday afternoon at Oporto getting lunch when we got the call from the secondhand furniture shop that they wanted to deliver our fridge to the flat. Twenty minutes later and we arrive at the flat clutching our take-away bags to find the dude waiting outside for us. Then we get upstairs with the fridge and he decides to provide an inspection of the flat for us for free. So he wanders around looking in all the rooms and offering unsolicited advice while we stand around in the kitchen area wondering when he's going to leave so that we can eat our damn lunch already. "How much are you paying for it?" He asks. "Hey look, you have an ocean view" (referring to the inch or so of sea visible from the window). "It's pretty good for the price" (Thanks dude..)
Anyway, he did eventually leave us to baptise our new flat with the aromas of cheap Portugese chicken and chips.

The work stupidity goes on

One of my coworkers told me in all seriousness that although he hadn't seen the first three movies, he still enjoyed Fantastic Four.


Caring for your Introvert: The tone is a bit snarky but the main message of the article is a good one imnsho

The self-referential test: One of these days when I have an hour or two spare I plan to sit down and complete it. Basically it's a fiendishly difficult logic puzzle, making Sudoku look like a game of Tic Tac Toe by comaprison.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas: A short short story by Ursula Le Guin, it's an interesting look at the philosophical utilitarianism arguments. Is it ok to torture one person if it means one hundred people can prosper?

Boomshine: It's one of those addictive Flash games. The gameplay is very simple and I love the music.

Langmaker: I haven't had a chance to really explore this site yet but the conlangs look fascinating
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NB: sorry for the incoherentness of this post, this is really one of the ones that's more for my benefit than yours :) I have lots of ideas for good posts in the future that I haven't written yet, like how intelligence is relative, and teachers aren't appreciated in Australia, and.. I forgot the rest already :(

Well first off, I had another dream about computer games that don't exist (yet..). This one was kinda lemmings style, where you had 4 dudes and you had to get them to the end of the level, only the dudes and everything else were drawn vector style, and the level was an endless loop of some kind.

In other news, Software Construction exam was ok except for my stupid moment of not being able to remember how to use tr properly and I ended up implementing it in Perl using two 26-character hashes..
Had a Microprocessors study session with the Shirefolk yesterday, we ended up spending about 50% of the time arguing about two's complement and IEEE floating point representation, but despite all this we ended up covering a lot of ground (and hey, now we all know how to do two's complement and floating point representation REALLY WELL..)

Spent most of today running around doing stuff for the flat. I also told Alex how I had no desire to spend money on computer games anymore, less than a minute before walking into EB and seeing something I absolutely had to buy.
Spent the rest of today gossiping and procrastinating.

At the Micros study session board games came up briefly and it turns out the Shirefolk are all fans of card and board games. Makes me really want to resurrect the idea of CardBoardSoc, since now I would have a potential base of people interested. I also still really wanna play D&D one day, or failing that do the next best thing, which is running D&D for my friends. Yet another thing to do in my limitless spare time.. right after I finish making my board game projects..and watch all those DVDs I bought.. and play those games.. *sigh*

I can't wait for exams to be over. I'll be moving out and finally having time to pursue some of those things in the above list. And probably a few others I forgot about... it's really sad when you have so many things on your "want to do" list that you can't even remember them all anymore, even though they're all things you're really really really interested in..

New games: Shadow of the Colossus
Megadrive games collection (cmon, it's awesome! It's got Golden Axe and Sonic and Columns and..)
New/resurrected ideas: D&D, vector-lemmings!(needs a better name obviously), board games, CardBoardSoc!!!!!
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I'm looking to move out to a place closer to uni by the end of February with a couple of friends from uni, so to this end we've spent the last week attending various house inspections.

So on Friday I was on my own, and somewhat nervous because a) it was only my second house inspection and b) I'd stupidly forgotten to print out a map of the place, so I wasn't even sure if I was at the right house. The total absence of anyone else around made this feeling worse. Then, luckily for the both of us as it turned out, I was approached by this stranger who was facing a similar problem to me. Between the two of us we worked out that we were at the right location, but then there was still no sign of anyone else such as the real estate agent. So we started making small talk, as one does in these situations, and it turns out that he just moved here from New Zealand, his wife is teaching at Emmanuel. "Emmanuel?" I queried, thinking about how Matt works there and it's just up the road from my high school. His wife was becoming the head of Hebrew, it turns out, and suddenly I realised where I'd heard his accent before. "Oh, you're Israeli" I blurted out. "Cos I'm Jewish and stuff.."*

And between one moment and the next we changed from somewhat friendly acquaintances into.. somewhat closer acquaintances I guess :p We're talking about a 10 degree rise in friendliness here, with both of us making an implicit assumption that a fellow Jew is more trustworthy.

After that the house opened for inspection and we had our couple minutes of checking out the size of the rooms and so forth. Afterwards he needed to find another location, and since I was going in the same direction I walked down with him, dispensing advice about Sydney, answering his questions, and exchanging quite a lot of information. I'm still somewhat surprised that we didn't end up exchanging names at the end.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this as it's the first time I've really felt the sense of community that everyone always yammered on about at school. After being alienated at high school for 13 years I came out under the impression that I would never fit in with the Jewish community and that I would be best served running as fast and far away as possible. But on a hot summer's day I met a complete stranger and we walked together for a while, knowing that the other person would help for no other reason than that we both called ourselves Jewish.

* Those were the exact words, or at least close to them. Yes, I say really dumb things sometimes, especially in spoken conversations when I'm caught off-guard
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First off: The Racial Slur Database! Amusing AND educational


A short excerpt: "Nigger mortis Blacks Like rigour mortis, except you're just too lazy to move"

A quote from one of the chapters of Darwin's Watch:

"Introns are txt messages in the mobile phone of life"

If [personal profile] seirenes is reading this she will appreciate I think

I wrote a whole lot more here but livejournal sucks and managed to lose most of my text :(

So anyway, I had a bizarre dream that I can't be bothered explaining in full anymore. Suffice to say it combined the themes of my birthday, people from high school, work, moving out, annoying roommates, work and military/conspiracy things

I've decided not to move out with overly-talkative-girl-from-work, for reasons including but by no means limited to her being overly talkative. However kudos to her for making me seriously consider moving out rather than just mentioning it as a pipe dream. I'm now contemplating moving out at the end of the summer holidays.

My Software Project Management exam was two hours of pure waffle, but that's ok because it's the kind of subject where the obvious commonsense answer that's so stupidly obvious it wouldn't occur to you to write it down most of the time is usually the correct one. This is the subject that informs you in all seriousness that project managers need good project management skills. I shit you not, it says that in the textbook.

Speaking of textbooks, I lost mine. And I was more annoyed that I lost two of my really cool bookmarks from Animania that were in it than that I was going to have serious trouble studying for the exam without it.

And now the partaying commences. Party tonight, dinner tomorrow night and then back to work before dawn on Sunday, before the Archery BBQ on Sunday afternoon and back to work for my midnight shift on Monday night. Isn't life grand? ^_^
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Today I worked my first midnight to 4am shift. I gotta say I quite like the culture at my store, for example the lady managing us for the midnight shift, Cynthia, was concerned that Muid and I might not have brought food with us and we had a long morning ahead of us, so she bought us some biscuits :)

The work itself was fairly routine, a nice change from face-up but not exactly world-shattering. We go around the store and put all the specials for the week over the regular tickets.

The other girl working at that hour, Mariann, well she and I got to talking and I mentioned I was thinking of moving out at some point and she immediately offered me a room in her flat in Clovelly, $160 a week and apparently she recently bought a whole lot of appliances and stuff for the flat so hmmm. And she gave me her phone number and everything so I could chase it up with her, which I found to be friendly but kinda bizarre, seeing as at this point she'd known me for all of 3 hours.

If you have a coworker who you know is deliberately not pulling their weight do you growl under your breath and put up with it, do you try to talk sense into the coworker, or do you complain to your boss? I'm not sure how to play this one

And at what point does playfully hitting eachother etc etc become harassment?

I need to get out of my habit of answering people using the least information/words possible. It's not that I'm deliberately hiding what I'm thinking and planning, I just automatically configure my answer to be as short as possible, which means leaving out any extraneous information. And I feel like it's probably doing me damage socially, reinforcing the first impression of aloofness that I tend to give off unless I'm on my best behaviour.

Oh and finally, a random moment from a week ago that was nonetheless rather amusing at the time:
SETTING: During face up at work, the other guy working was up the top of the aisle, Ge and I were down the bottom and Ge had just been ordered by the store manager Ashley to do some stuff.
Ge: So that was Ashley?
Me: Yeh, the store manager
Ge: Ashley's a weird name
Me: I dunno, would you prefer if he was called.. *pulls random male-sounding name out of the air* ...Robert?
Ge: He'd be called Bob then
Me: I don't think guys should be called Bob
*moment of silence while we both contemplate this*
Me and Ge simultaneously: BOBBB THE BUILDER
*exchanging of looks followed by laghter*


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